Hello everyone!

Today as Líders del Día, in the morning Peter and I led an energizer game after breakfast to get everyone comfortable and talking. We played human knot which really helped our group raise their energy level while providing a metaphor for how we should be communicating. Without communication it would have been impossible for our knot to untangle.

Afterward we headed for lunch at Restaurante Navina where we enjoyed tortillas de papas, huevos, aguacate, y jugo de tomates de árbol. Everything has been delicious! We were then given a bit of free time before embarking on our city tour. Within a fifteen minute walk of the hotel, our first stop was a bullfighting ring. Seeing the ring and learning a bit about its history was very special because Riobamba is one of the last places in Ecuador that holds bullfights. After a few pictures we split into teams of four, each accompanied by a GG staff member, to get ready for our 3 hour scavenger hunt! Our hunt consisted of about 20 questions, most of which required the members of our teams to ask locals questions (in Spanish!). This activity was great for experiencing the local culture, and it really helped break any barriers between ourselves and the locals. Speaking with locals and asking questions showed us how friendly Ecuadorians are and their willingness to engage with us made us feel very welcomed.

Following our immersive experience and a bit of Ecuadorian history, we headed to dinner. After a delicious meal as always, everyone came together in our meeting room to reflect on the day. Our question of the day was “How does history shape one’s identity, and how do you feel about the city and it’s people?” Having a reflection time to debrief everything we experienced throughout the day served in solidifying our new knowledge and growing together by discussing our feelings about what we saw. Everyone did a great job of discussing and we all realized that everyone comes from a different background, and a peoples’ history really shapes how they are seen by others. Because of this experience we decided that we should accept everyone and their unique cultures, especially after meeting local Riobambeños for the first time.

Check back tomorrow for more amazing news!

Lucas F.