Most of us woke this morning to the sound of our neighborhood rooster. After breakfast we were energized as each of the students showed us how they get down.  Next we formed a human time line and reviewed the history of Nicaragua before heading out on our tour of the city.  We broke into groups and our Global Glimpse coordinators took us on a nice walk through the central park.  Along the way they  pointed out places where students may want to go on their free time.  The groups met up at the museum where we were given a tour through several rooms.  We had a great view of the volcano from the museum and took some groups pictures. Next we went through the cultural and arts building and finally ended up in front of one of the older churches in Granada.  We played a game to review what we had learned about the history of the city before going for ice cream and then dinner. Yes, we had ice cream first.  When we came back from dinner Destiny joined the GG leaders and coordinators to get her instructions for El Lider De Dia.  Kudos to her for stepping up to be the first leader.  While we were all meeting, the rest of the students had some great circle time and enjoyed getting to know each other.  Our nightly meeting was filled with Big Love for everyone who stepped out of their comfort zone today or stepped up to help out a fellow glimpser. We ended the evening with our first self reflection and the kids are getting ready for bed as we type.  Tomorrow is another day packed with activities.

On a logistical note, you may wonder about our Hostel and meal accommodations. Our hostel has a community room where we hold our meetings.  It overlooks a beautiful courtyard separated into two boys rooms and two girls rooms.  Each of the rooms has its own bathroom. Our comedor is just a few buildings away and we are eating all our meals there.  The food has been plentiful and delicious!

Everyone enjoyed hearing your blog replies.  Thanks to all of you for responding.

Big Love,