Hola gente! We had an amazing day today. To start, everyone woke up rested and excited about getting to know the city and the history of Nicaragua.

We had a good gallopinto and eggs for breakfast, an energizer and then we had a seminar where we learned about the relationship of the US and Nicaragua. After that, we divided in two groups and got on a tour of the city where we got to smell, see, hear and explore the town. It was a cloudy day and it rained a lot but it was very nice to be out. Glimpsers were able to spot places to check out for future days’ free time.

Then we had plenty of free time to hang out at the hostel. The rain made us change plans of going to a lookout of the city and stay at the hostel instead. When it stopped raining they had the opportunity to go to the supermarket and get some Nicaraguan snacks!

Later in the afternoon we had our guest speaker Sonia Hernandez who was a guerrilla fighter in the seventies and shared her story of how she got involved in the Sandinista Revolution when she was only 16 years old. She was such an inspiring speaker.

Finally, we had hot dogs and chili beans for dinner beforeour second nightly meeting where we all shared our takeaways of the day and gave some Big Love to our new GG family. 

Tomorrow we will have our Culture Day and it will be great!

So, parents and friends: Our Glimpsers are doing GREAT!


The Group with Doña Sonia, an ex-guerrilla fighter from the Revolution