Hi Parents!  We hope that you are having a good time, because we are having a GREAT time here in Constanza!  Today we had “History & City Tour Day” to make each of these future leaders of the world at home! We learned about the Dominican history and how it has impacted the culture, values, and beliefs of Dominicans. The city tour had approximately seven different stops of Constanza – the enchanted valley of the Caribbean – including the city hall, the first fire department in Constanza, and the main park “La Plaza” which is named after a Taino woman called Anacaona – w figure of the indigenous population of the Dominican Republic.  

At the end of the city tour ice cream was waiting for us! However, the combination of baseball and city tour questions were necessary before enjoying the precious ice cream! Baseball players joined us and we had the opportunity to play with baseball local players whose dream is to become a professional player in the US. After the city tour, we got to have our first self-reflection where we were able to talk about our experience in a new country and how it changes the way we look at things, giving us a new perspective on the way we live, and really getting to know each other better.  

We got to experience how history can affect the future of our country and how important is to not repeat the mistakes of the past. We are enjoying staying here in Constanza and experiencing new things such as food, language, culture.  Everybody in the group is engaged in all the activities, asking a lot of thoughtful questions, and really making an effort to immerse themselves in the culture and practice the language. We are having a great time and we know that tomorrow is going to be even better than today!!!  Hope that you are reading this and seeing the fun that we are having! Talk to you soon!