Hi all! It’s been another full day here in Guaranda, filled with lots of exploring and fun! We woke up at 7 am for another delicious breakfast at La Estancia. We had pan (bread), yogurt, fruits, and eggs. We were well fed!

Next our PCs led us through a really fun city tour of Guaranda. The buildings were so colorful and beautiful. Highlights of the city tour definitely included the food market. There was such a variety of different fruits and vegetables many of us had never seen before.

Global Glimpse Guaranda Ecuador

After our fun city tour we went to La Guilena for lunch. La Guilena is a farm nestled in the mountains run by Maria and her family. They were so welcoming and kind! Our lunch consisted of foods that are traditionally served for the Carnaval festival. We had fried pork, empanadas, platanos, corn, popcorn, and salad. Plus a really delicious juice called chicha (herbs and sugar cane juice). We were stuffed! After lunch, we met Miguel who led us through the history of Ecuador. Many of us hadn’t realized that Ecuador had a dictator only 30 years ago! After Miguel’s talk, Maria taught us all about Carnaval. Carnaval was traditionally a celebration of the harvest, and later merged with Roman Catholic traditions. She then told us we were going to celebrate carnaval! But first, we had to make our masks. There are a lot of artists on this delegation, but a stand out for sure was Skylar with his interesting take on color mixing and using glue as paint (Kieran helped out).


While the masks dried, Maria took us on a tour of her farm. She showed us many native plants, a pretty river that flows through the property, the biggest pig anyone had ever seen, horses, chickens, and much more!

When we came back it was time for the celebration. We put on our masks and Maria put flour on our faces. Then the fun ensued as everyone tried to pour a bucket of water on each other. By the time all was said and done, everyone was drenched but smiling ear to ear.

We had another wonderful meal at La Estancia before our nightly meeting where I passed the torch to our next Lider Del Día (LDD – Leader of the Day), Asha!! Asha is already doing a great job as LDD!

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