Hello friends and family,

Today was a great day for history day. We learned about Dominican history and how it has impacted the culture of today. We went to different stops during our city tour of Constanza including city hall, the first fire department in Constanza, and the baton ballet dance – we got to see a group of teenage and small girls there who practiced a traditional Latin American dance. It was incredible to see the rich history of their dance and tradition. After the city tour, we got to have a competition of who could answer questions about the tour and we received palettes for each question we answered well!!! When we had our first self-reflection where we were able to talk about our experience in a new country and how it was affecting us and changing the way we look at things, giving us a new perspective on the way we live, and really getting to know each other better. We got to experience how history can affect the future of our country and how it is important to not repeat the mistakes of the past. We are enjoying staying here in Constanza and experiencing new things such as food, language, culture. Everybody in the group is engaged in all the activities, asking a lot of thoughtful questions, and really making an effort to immerse themselves in the culture and practice the language. We are having a great time and we know that tomorrow is going to be even better than today.