I love history day since we get to teach our Glimpsers about Dominican history and all the historical sites in our town of Constanza. We went to the Cazadores’ Military fortress where we got to enter the public area and saw the amazing red tail hawks. We were able to look and take lots of pictures with them. Even though it rained, we continued to explore the public area and try out all the exercise machines. Everyone is excited to revisit the public area on our free day. Then we went to the Fire Station and saw amazing firetrucks, also we had the chance to watch the Baton Ballet perform and have the chance to actually learn to dance and drum a little bit, that was super fun!

At the end of the tour we got to check how much we learned and eat yummy paletas (popsicles). Can’t wait to see how our culture day turns out tomorrow. I have the five minutes warning, so it’s time to go to bed!

Buenas noches!