Hi everyone, this is Vernon Simmons. I was the first leader of the day to set the tone for the following Glimpsers, with my extroverted personality and contagious smile and the drive to do my best. I feel that I fulfilled that job to the best of my ability, but enough about me. Today is our second full day and it was full of excitement from the beginning, starting with an electrifying morning: our mental warmup and quote of the day. With that running through our minds and us being on a full breakfast belly we moved back to the hotel to learn about the culture of Guaranda and going over our safety rules again as our free day approaches. After the seminar we went on a tour through the town to grow more familiar with our temporary home. We also stopped to learn facts about the monuments around our home, and about Guaranda’s indigenous and Spanish history. After a bunch of learning and drinking water we returned back to the hotel for a little break then went to Ana’s amazing restaurant to fill up our stomachs. After lunch we went to La Guitarra, the local history museum. The ride there was very fun. As the ride went on, I got to know one of my fellow Glimpsers (Jayla) better. Talking so much made the ride so much faster and gave me a greater appreciation for each and everyone of the people on this trip. When we arrived to the museum we learned so much more about the traditions that went on in Guaranda. After being at the museum and enjoying the views, we came back to the hotel to start developing our lesson planning skills to give our English tutoring students the best experience. We began to break up into our own groups to create our personal topics for the week. I found that to be frustrating because I don’t really know the kids enough personally to build a lesson suitable for them, but by combining brains with my amazing partner (Tiger Lily) we came up with a pretty cool topic. After our daunting lesson planning we came back home. I was a little drained after being excited the whole day so i took a nap on the bus. We went out to dinner and ended the night with our daily meeting.