Saludos desde SJM,

After a great lunch and welcoming at Onaney restaurant, we ventured out for the first time onto the streets of San Juan de la Maguana. We visited the local monuments.Unfortunately, it was raining  during the city tour, but that didn’t stop anybody.  Moreover, San Juan has beautiful places and numerous historical landmarks. The oldest and scariest house in San Juan “the house of the Bacases” was just an amazing experience. The Glimpsers learned a lot about local history; in particular, they learned that the Dominican Republic and Haiti used to be one country divided in five “cacicazgos or Tribes” when the colonizers arrived to the island. San Juan was located in “El cacicazgo de Maguana” led by Caonabo, a native leader who defended his people and his wife the queen Anacaona  of the abuses that the Spanish made his people.

All the students are doing great and we are excited for the days to come.