Today was our first full day as “Global G’s!” We started off with a History seminar that engaged and informed us about general history of the Dominican Republic. After, we had a typical Dominican lunch, “la bandera” – rice, red beans and stewed chicken -which was delicious. Next, we started our city tour were able to learn more about important historical attractions here in Bonao.DSC02029






First, we stopped at the public library where Hector Nina gave us an informative presentation of the history of Bonao and how it was founded. DSC02038






Bonao was the midway point from the northern coast to the southern coast of the island and where the Taino natives lived. Bonao was the name of the Cacique, head leader of the tribe, from this area.

We also learned that Bonao is know for its natural resources, specifically the mining of nickel, gold and  having one of the first sugar cane industries. As we walked through the city, we yelled out “Que lo que” a typical informal greeting used here when we saw an important landmark. Some of the interesting places we learned about were the “Voz de Yuna” one of the first radio stations in all of Latin America, “Plaza de Cultura” where the famous Candido Bido museum is located, the Mayors office, and a local shoe shiner who has worked in the park for over 30 years.   DSC02056



Finally, we had time to grab an ice-cream and relax in the central park to get to know our Ambassadors more. They will be assisting us with our CAP project and English classes. We played a fun game in the central park, “bust a move.”DSC02069

After our tour, we returned to the orphanage, our home away from home, and participated in our first self-reflection where we shared our 1st impressions of Bonao and the Dominican Republic.

We ended with our second nightly meeting with, most of us only having “roses,” good things to say about the day, despite the heat.

I noticed even more bonding than the previous day and a great positive attitude throughout the day. On a personal note, I learned all 19 names of the Global G’s and can’t wait to learn even more about these inspiring leaders-to-be. We rocked!! Big LOVE <3