DSCN0019Hello everyone, your fellow Glimpser Cameron here, just giving you all a small taste of our journey here in Estelí, Nicaragua! After enjoying a much needed night’s rest, we found ourselves enjoying a delicious Nicaraguan breakfast consisting of rice, beans, eggs, and other foods. After our lovely breakfast, we visited El Parque Infantil, viewing the amazing work of past Glimpsers. Next, we hit the streets of Estelí and immersed ourselves in Nicaraguan culture, ranging from viewing the beautiful murals loaded with references to past events, to barely escaping with my own life across early morning traffic (I definitely need to work on my ability to look both ways). It may sound a little terrifying (and believe me, it was), but it gives a valuable insight on how this country works. These are people rushing from destination to destination, trying to make their ends meet. Although a little reckless, its very admirable if you ask me. One could also see the extreme poverty that was present. Picture this: hundreds of people crowded along a street owning nothing but the clothes upon their backs, even asking for foreigners for help. Heartache is probably what you’re feeling huh? Well don’t worry, these people are beyond strong, judging just from their past.

Later on in the day, we visited a historical museum detailing the, you guessed it, history of Nicaragua. Starting from ancient pre-Columbian drawings and hieroglyphics on rocks, to Columbian tools used for traveling vast distances (from Utah to present Nicaragua), and to tumultuous periods of revolution. These are people who aren’t afraid to stand up to the opposition of its government and to take back what it believes it deserves: justice. Definitely a trait I believe the United States needs more of. After our tour of the history of Nicaragua, which was wonderfully translated by Samuel Rasendez, we find ourselves enjoying a dinner complimented by a local musician, playing beautiful Nicaraguan music on his guitar and singing his own songs, again giving us an idea of the amazing culture of Nicaragua.

PS: Don’t worry mum, I’m fine!