Buenas noches from San Juan,

Today, we experienced our first full day in country! We began our day with breakfast and a quick seminar about safety and cultural norms in the Dominican Republic. Later we enjoyed a tradition Dominican lunch. It was delicious and kept our bellies full for our walking city tour!

We made our way into town to meet our youth ambassador group and our esteemed guest speaker of the day. The ambassadors are local Dominican youth that have trained to help lead our glimpsers during our stay. They give a perspective of Dominican life from the eyes of young people. This is such a unique opportunity for our glimpsers!

A local university professor gave us a very informative city tour which provided us with a lot of historical background about San Juan and the Dominican Republic. The history of this country helps to better inform the current political and economic landscape.

After a long walk enjoying the sights we paused to enjoy a paleta or fruit popsicle, with our ambassadors. We hung out and got to know each other better.

We returned to the hotel for some down time, a delicious dinner and our nightly meeting.

We are all really excited for culture day tomorrow!

Big Love,

Amy Hanson