Hello Again Family and Friends,

Today was filled with movement, but all while learning the history of Esteli and Nicaragua. We got into Esteli at 12:30 pm and the students got a chance to meet their roommates for the next 2.5 weeks, and relax for a few minutes before we ate a delicious lunch.

The focus of today was the History of Esteli and Nicaragua. The students were taken on a tour of the city by our Program Coordinators (Denis and Mel) and we were introduced to the different architectures, murals and culture of Esteli. The students were taken to the Architecture Museum, which holds a lot of the History of Esteli (pre and post war(s)). After the tour of the Museum, we had a Showdown to test their knowledge of the History. While Denis’ team won, all of the students were treated to ice cream cones afterwards. We walked back to the Hostel and had enough time to relax for a while until Dinner was served.

The lesson learned was that history definitely molds and shapes our future. While we shouldn’t let it affect how we move forward in the future, we should never forget where we came from. Esteli is still developing into their own while remembering where they have been, the wars that they have fought to be where they are now, and looking optimistically into the future for positive change in their city/country.

Thank you again, friends and family.

-MJ and Amanda