Today has been a day to remember!

Our first full day in the DR started with a nice breakfast. After that Glimpsers got ready to take their culture orientation seminar: getting ready to walk around the city of Bonao and knowing some of the most relevant places in the city center. We learned what a ‘flag’ meal is, and we tasted it: a delicious traditional Dominican dish that contains the colors of their flag: rice, beans, and meat or eggplant! After some quiet time, our students got to meet our local Youth Ambassadors who will be teaching English classes with us. That was an exciting memorable moment where new friendships started!

Afterward, we all walked together to the city center to have a historical city tour where we not only visited the most emblematic places in Bonao but we also learned about the history behind the locations. Once we were back at our accommodation, we reflected on all the new things we have been experiencing. After dinner, we got into how to be a ‘líder del día’ (leader of the day) so each of our Glimpsers will be able to develop their leadership skills throughout a full day, supported by the leadership team. It has been a day full of activities and new things..and many more to come!