Today, we had a scavenger hunt. This gave us the opportunity to speak with locals in order to learn the history of Riobamba. We were divided into groups of five or six. Each group had a worksheet listing various questions, and we had two hours to get as many correct answers as possible. The group with the most correct answers would win. Everyone had to work together to find the answers and the local people were very helpful!

At the Self-Reflection session after the scavenger hunt, most glimpsers commented on the kindness and generosity of the local people (riobambeños). Everyone had a lot of fun searching the city for answers. We had to be careful of the cars when crossing the streets due to the hustle and bustle of the city center. One key takeaway we got from the activity was learning the history of Riobamba from the local people themselves. This gave us a much different impression than if we had read the same information in a textbook.

As an LDD (lider del dia), I learned that it was not as scary to lead the team as I thought it would be. My confidence grew throughout the day. My peers were very supportive of my actions today as the first leader of the delegation. I received a lot of encouragement from everyone. This experience gave me the confidence to take on future leadership roles!