Hello SC1C fans!
We made it to our new home in San Cristobal. My name is Jatnna Garcia, and I’m the Site Manager in town, and I was also modeling the El Lider del Día role.

Today, we woke up in Santo Domingo, and then we traveled to San Cristobal. We had seminars, where we learned about culture, safety, and history and then we went out on a City Tour. It was amazing to see the city of San Cristobal from the eyes of the third delegation and this new group of Glimpsers. This is San Cristobal’s largest delegation so far, but surprisingly street crossing during the city tour was the easiest.

At the beginning of the city tour, we were received by the Dominican Local Youth Ambassadors.  These ambassadors are around our Glimpsers age and they were helping the adults with street crossing, making sure street dogs were away from us, and also keeping the group safe in general.

Glimpsers learned that San Cristobal’s history focuses a lot in the dictator Rafael Trujillo. They got to both positives and negatives sides of Trujillo and asked plenty of questions.

When we came back from the city tour, we learned about the organization we will be working with for the community action project. It was very interesting to see everything falling into place.

The Glimpsers expressed how they loved seeing what San Cristobal has to offer and that they cannot believe that they are finally in the Dominican Republic. To me it’s like a dream come true as well to see the third and last delegation interacting with others, learning, and also showing since day one, everything that they have to offer.

Can’t wait to see this group develop and keep showing us how amazing they are!


With Love,