Hola from San Juan! 

After a much needed good night sleep our first full day started with an 8am wake-up call. Breakfast was served by our San Juan family who will be feeding us all of our meals which is located right in our accommodation. Once breakfast was finished, we started the day with some seminars to set group agreements, learn safety rules of the country and check in with all students about health. After lunch we went on a walking tour of the city and it was HOT! We started at Plaza de Caonabo and from there went on to explore many of the city historical sites and landmarks while getting a general feel of their home for the next 15 days. During the tour, students were able to meet the local ambassadors of Global Glimpse here who will be assisting them on their free days.

Students really seem to be bonding and enjoying their time here. They also did a great job at being actively engaged and attentive despite the heat on the tour. Often times, after meals, they are found playing card games together, chatting and laughing. Hope to see them continue all of these great habits as we progress through the program:)