I wanted to take the time to formally introduce myself, as I will be one of the GG leaders embarking on the trip to Matagalpa, Nicaragua at the end of this month (July 31-August 18)! I am so excited! My name is Sharon Garcés and I am a Spanish teacher at Greenwich High School in CT. I have been teaching at GHS for eight years. I have taught almost all levels in Spanish from Spanish 1 through Native courses. Throughout my time here I have been the advisor to many clubs such as the Step Team, Salsa Club, Spanish National Honor Society, Mentor Program, and Former Attire Club.


However, of all the lessons that I have taught, the ones that have had the most impact on both me and my students, are those related to diversity, global and cultural awareness. As a native to Mexico, I know the importance of these topics and hope to impart in a real-life setting those same lessons with students travelling abroad with me and my co-GG leader Vania Sitruk. Additionally, I hope to teach and learn for myself on a much bigger scale the importance of adaptability, humility, acceptance, and appreciation. In my opinion, travelling and exploring countries outside of your comfort zone is the best way to do so. The aforementioned is also the reason why I became a GG leader and what I most hope to accomplish on this trip. Still, as one who loves to travel and explore new countries, I am also very excited about getting to know the country and its people.


Can’t wait! See you at the end of July!FullSizeRender