Hola! Me llamo Nicole Williams y estoy muy emocionada para el viaje este verano! (Hi guys! My name is Nicole Williams, and I am super excited for the trip this summer!)

I am seventeen and an about-to-be senior at James Logan High School in Union City. These past three years, I’ve had the pleasure of learning the amazing and beautiful Spanish language, and I am absolutely in love with it. It’s allowed me to connect with people I otherwise had a language barrier with, and for that, I am extremely grateful. This trip will not only allow me an incredible opportunity to experience a new, different country, but also give me ample time to practice my growing Spanish vocabulary.

I wanted to take this time to introduce myself, because although we may be strangers now, we’ll be spending three weeks together pretty soon. So to bridge that gap, here are a couple other facts about me:

  • My little family consists of me, my older sister, my mom, and my bald dad.
  • I love to play soccer and read in my free time. I’ve played soccer since I was five, and the sport has taught me much about teamwork.
  • Some of my friends and I call ourselves P.A.H.C. 🙂 We’ve been friends since eighth grade and I would do anything for them. In eighth grade, we all dressed up in Pac Man costumes for Halloween.
  • My other two friends, Kim and Casey, I’ve known since my freshman year. They have my back through anything and I have the incredible opportunity to travel with them this summer.
  • Sadly, I am not five feet tall.
  • I love chocolate with a passion.
  • I was adopted as a baby, and have since visited my orphanage. Traveling to China and seeing where I might’ve lived was indescribable. I am excited to get the opportunity to visit another country.
  • Sólo tengo tres años de clases de español, pero me encanta la lengua. Estoy muy emocionada y lista para practicar lo que he aprendido.
  • I am obsessed with puzzles and word crosses (the old school ones).
  • I love reading, especially science fiction.
  • Netflix and I have a complicated relationship. It keeps me up at night when I should be getting sleep, haha. Some of my favorite shows are Law & Order, Helix, White Collar, Heroes, Fringe, and How I Met Your Mother.
  • I realized at a young age that I want to work with children in the future, in any capacity. Currently, I work at a summer camp where I am able to get experience. Hearing the simple, funny jokes, and having them guess my age (26) is hilarious and special. I want to leave a positive impact on the world starting with the future: the children.
  • I love hearing people’s stories, and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Espero que tengamos una aventura inolvidable, y estoy más que la suerte de poder compartir esta experiencia con dos de mis mejores amigas. No puedo esperar para conocer a todos ustedes! Que tengamos un verano especial con muchos recuerdos. (I hope that we have an unforgettable adventure, and I am more than lucky to be able to share this experience with two of my best friends. I can’t wait to meet all of you! I hope we have a special summer with lots of memories.)

My friend Kim is on the left, I'm in the middle, and my friend Casey is on the right.

My friend Kim is on the left, I’m in the middle, and my friend Casey is on the right.

Adiós por ahora, y nos vemos pronto! 🙂