Hola chicos! My name is Marin and I’m going to be a senior at Castro Valley High but will be attending at Colegio Aljarafe in Sevilla. I’m very excited to meet & work with you all! I enjoy getting to know new people and I’m fortunate enough to do so in a foreign environment & culture. I’m very passionate about traveling & genuinely helping people. I work as a lead youth mentor for Youth 2 Youth in my city and I’m also a swim instructor & coach for youth as well as adults. So far this summer I’ve been working, counseled at an international mentor event, and traveled. I’ve been out of the country multiple times but however I have not been to Panama. I’m so excited to go and to be working in Las Tablas! I’m very thrilled to work with you all and this is going to be an awesome experience! Hasta luego y besitos!!