We have finally made it and are so glad we have an awesome group of students and a top notch in country team!  Here are some of the highlights of our day:

1) Arriving safely with all of our luggage.

2) We got the highlight tour of Mangua and then stopped at Comedor Marlene to have an excellent lunch full of rice, beans, ,vegetables, protein, and tropical fruit juice.

3) RAIN! To counteract the 100-degree plus temperatures in the capital, the ride up to Esteli was remarkable in that there were periodic showers. If we could send it home, we would.

4) After settling in at our cozy hotel, and experiencing our first nightly meeting, we’re heading to bed in anticipation of three awesome weeks, beginning with our walking city tour tomorrow.

Thanks for being so courageous* by encouraging and supporting your children in this life-altering experience.

Your local Global Glimpse Leaders,

Bridget Gengler  and Stuart Dick

*The Global Glimpse philosophy includes the ‘Three C’s” of Courage, Compassion and Commitment.

Having fun in Managua!

Having fun in Managua!