¿Qué tal?

We, your Program Coordinators, are really happy to meet all of you this summer! We have been working hard to make sure you will have an amazing experience in Ecuador. This is a lovely country and you will meet beautiful people here! We want to share a little bit about ourselves:

I am Andrea Campos, from Nicaragua. This is my first time working in Global Glimpse. As a lawyer, I feel motivated working with people of different cultures to promote equality and human rights for everyone. In my free time, I like to swim. My favorite swimming strokes are butterfly and backstroke. I love poetry and Latin American literature as well.

I am Paul Cevallos, from Riobamba, Ecuador, the city that will be your home during this GG trip. I’m an obsessive reader and writer. Last year I launched my first novel “La Capital,” which has changed my life. Now, my main interests and activities are giving motivational speeches in colleges and helping youth grow as leaders. In this opportunity as a Program Coordinator, I am motivated to contribute my experience and knowledge in order to provide you all the best and most transformational experience. I am sure that together we will make this trip unforgettable.

So, Glimpsers, in a few days we are going to wait for you at the airport. Our great GG Leaders, Maryanne and Byran, are ready to come with you. So be prepared to learn about Ecuadorian culture and indigenous worldviews. We hope this experience will enrich your perspectives and develop your leadership skills.

Nos vemos pronto,
(See you soon,)

Your PC’s

Andrea & Paúl.

Pd: We wanted to share the following video because it shows some of Ecuador’s beautiful landscapes. Enjoy!