20150327_062216We are your Jinotega Program Coordinators -Belkis & Jasmine.  We have been waiting for you to arrive…..and the tiempo for you to set foot on Nicaraguan soil is soon!  During these past 2 1/2 months we have been preparing for your arrival.  We have explored the city by visiting many places, and developed various relationships during our journey in order to prepare for you a personal experience you will never forget. Glimpsers, you are about to embark on a journey as future Global leaders.  Together, our Global Glimpse Leaders as well as your Program Coordinators will be here to support you as you continue to develop into líderes of the world.   We know that you also have been preparing yourselves by attending Global Glimpse workshops and by personally putting in your own time to learn more about Nicaragua.  Every Glimpser and GG Leader is an important part of our group.  What each of you will bring to our team lo necesitamos in Jinotega!


Team Jinotega, get ready to visit places where Nicaragua will be introduced to you through presenting cultura,  learning from historians, speaking with politicians, meeting other students your age, working side by side with locals, exploring the city streets, sharing your English language skills with the community, and personally interacting with Nicaraguan familias en Jinotega.  Glimpsers  and GG Leaders: every historian, politician, musician, local worker, student, teacher, business owner, representative of an organization, restaurant chef, hotel staff, tour guide, city employee, and community member involved in Global Glimpse Jinotega 2015 is waiting for you.

Glimpsers, this will be your time to visit a new place, meet others, and learn about yourselves.   You will have new eyes in how you see el mundo.  Whether you have traveled the world before or if this is your first time, it will be a new experience for you.  This will be a time to develop strong relationships, and to see la importancia of true unity.  You will be presented with various oportunidades where all you have learned until now from school, home, friendships, and life experiences will be put into practice.  Glimpsers, this is your time to display to the world who you are.

Team Jinotega: the city of Jinotega awaits your arrival.

Jasmine y Belkis