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Today was a really long and tiring day, but I think in the end we ended up experiencing a new perspective of education. Education is a really important part of life, and everyone should be granted the opportunity to be given an education. After today the glimpsers witnessed education in a third world country and the differences and similarities we share with the students back home. We had this amazing opportunity shadowing a Nicaraguan student in their high school, and we finally had our first English class with the people in Matagalpa.

Shadowing a Nicaraguan high schooler was really an eye opener of how education is different in other parts of the world. There was a lot of differences, but there was also some similarities with the American educational system and Nicaraguan educational system. First of all, there was way more students in one classroom compared to what we have in the States. There was like 50-60 students in one classroom and they would have to stay with the same classmates and travel from one class to another. The high school also didn’t really provide many essential items that a high school would have such as textbooks for each students and necessities they would need for classes like Chemistry or Physics. Even though there were many more differences, I did catch some similarities they share with us such as the subjects they’re learning because in math class I recognized many elements that I recently learned also. The students were also very similar to us in a way because they’re really social and just having fun with each other. They also share the same bad habits as us such as talking too much instead of paying attention and using their phones in class. I’m so thankful we got an opportunity to do this, and I would be glad if we get to do it again.

Later on, we prepared for our first English class. Even though there was problems with our first class we managed to get through it and it ended up being really successful. We doubted ourselves in the beginning but I believe in everyone here and I know they can make a difference with providing these people their skill. We’re going to work hard to share our knowledge in English and hopefully the people we are teaching are going to benefit from this in the long run.

To finish this off, we learned many great things about education today. I hope we get more chances like this in the future and to get a new way of seeing different perspectives in different parts of the world.