HI everyone! I’m going to be going to the June 6th trip to Matagalpa and I’m really excited! I can’t wait to meet all the people who are in the same group, and I’m looking forward to having a wonderful time and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity with you guys.

So about myself, I attend John Swett High School and I’m a junior right now. I’m an outgoing person who loves to socialize with new people. I love making new friends, and I talk A LOT. At first I’ll be really shy, but once I open up to someone I can get really loud and crazy. I’m a very small person, but with lots of energy. As to other teenagers today, I usually don’t go outside much and just stay inside watching tv, using the computer, and texting. I really want to try and experiencing what nature has to offer, and see lots of beautiful scenery and what other things Nicaragua as to offer. I’m not really a very athletic person, but I’m excited to go try all these activities they have planned out such as hiking, dancing, etc. I will try my best to participate and get the best out of everything!

I’m really excited to go to a different country because I have a passion for traveling and being in new places! I want to witness how the people there live their lives and how different their lifestyle are compared to us. I’m excited to try all the different foods they’re going to be feeding us, and see how their culture is like. I hope this experience will help me on my Spanish abilities so it could help me on my last year of Spanish class.

I’m excited for the meetup this Saturday and I hope the people who are going instantly click so it’s not awkward or anything. See you this Saturday and or at the airport on June 5th! God Bless, and take care everyone!