Hello everyone, today we had a lazy day as the wake-up call was at 8:00am, but by then, most kids had left by 7:45 to go on a walk led by Tim. We had breakfast at 8:30 and after some communal chatting, we had our first CAP (community action project) meeting for the day. During this meeting, students were put into different groups where they were given an unequal/diverse number of craft supplies as some groups had markers but no tape while others had tape but no scissors. The ultimate goal of this was to try to create a cube in 20 minutes. By the end, all the groups had created some variation of a cube but due to the unfairness of the supplies, some looked better than others. The main point of this group activity was to see what skills you could use to help you make your cube. In some cases some groups chose to trade with others while some had to use skills that they had previously known, either way, everyone had a role and something that they needed to complete and was able to get what they needed to do done. Regardless of the disadvantages and challenges we faced, it was really fun and we enjoyed it. For CAP meeting 2, we talked through the steps that we would need to succeed and the things we would need to do/ rules we would need to follow while we helped build the school. After sitting through the meetings we had a break where we played a water balloon toss. I believe the game was rigged though seeing as Tim and Celest were the ones that won but, regardless of that fact it was a great way for us to cool down and we all had a lot of fun as well. For the last meeting, we had a guest speaker come to talk to us about the importance of everything that we would be doing in the recycling process of things and how to input “recycling” into the way we would be working on not just the project but how to import what he taught us into our lives when we do go back to America.

After the meeting, we had free time and a trip to the local shop turned into a 2-hour soccer game. Even though we lost 5-1 we had an amazing time with the children and the dogs that invited us to play on the field. That was truly one of the most authentic things I think we could have done here, sweating and working as a team in order to literally score a goal. Overall I would say that even though we didn’t travel anywhere that fancy today, we had a great time bonding with each other and getting to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the welcoming locals.

Much love-Nikki<3