On Friday we began our journey home back to Chicago. We woke up at 7:30am, had breakfast, and loaded the bus to begin heading to the airport in Santiago. On our way to the airport, our bus driver, Samuel, pulled over and bought us delicious Dominican treats for us to enjoy on the bus. Once we arrived to the airport in Santiago, we checked into our flight and headed to the cafeteria to have a sandwich before we departed. After lunch, we said goodbye to our wonder Program Coordinators, Jessenia and Tiffany, and made our way through customs.

We landed in Newark early and had plenty of time to make it through US customs and grab a snack. During our trip home, we reflected on the last few days of our trip. We had fond memories of our Community Action Project (CAP), in which we painted murals on the school’s walls and poured cement to create benches.

We also reflected on our last full day in Jarabacoa, in which we were invited to a restaurant, ate delicious chicken and ribs, and danced the night away.

We landed in Chicago and met all of our families. Many students were greeted with flowers and balloons by their loved ones. We said our goodbyes and are now at home remembering the friendships made and the experiences shared.