Greetings from Houston!!

After a 90-minute delay in Newark, we arrived in Houston for our layover. We got on the plane at Gate E9 for a 6:38 departure. At around 7:45, we de-planed due to a maintenance issue with one of the engines. Luckily, we were able to charge our devices before re-boarding at 9:40 for an alleged 10 pm departure. At 10:15, we de-planed because the other engine required maintenance. It is now 11:46 and we are waiting to get on the plane (right now our scheduled departure is 11:59…fingers crossed).

The good news is we all received $20 vouchers for airport food (which translates to a cup of fruit and a bottle of water and a bag of chips). Even better news, the Glimpsers (though tired) are in good spirits and bonding during the experience.