Traveling can be stressful, and one of the ways we can reduce our stress is to stay in touch.  When traveling, Susan sends postcards to her family, work colleagues and friends.  She even has one friend that asked her to put “Hi Ana” on the bottom of the postcard – Ana is the name of his USPS mail carrier!

But younger generations are more used to electronic media than old fashioned hand writing and mailing, so this could be new and different.  But new and different is just what this trip is all about, so let’s give it a try!

So we ask you to collect all the addresses of people you’ll want to keep in contact with while on your trip.  We’ll buy postcards and stamps and we’ll write 1 or 2 each day to these people telling them about our day.  This will help us stay present on our trip, as well as keep our loved ones in our minds and hearts.

Anyone think this is goofy and immature?  If so, we invite you to take a look inside at why you think this way and ascertain if this attitude could possibly limit you on this trip, and in your life overall.  You were chosen in your schools because of your leadership potential and skills. A leader is a living example and leaders aren’t afraid to try new things, to be open to change, to admit when they are wrong.  Leaders are people that are able to do all these things, even if just once, to see if it can work for them! So, be leaders!

Best – Susan and Gen