Greetings Glimpsers and Families!

My name is Subha (Sub as in subway…Ha as in hahaha).  I’m a native New Yorker and proud resident of Harlem. Professionally, I’m a high school 9th grade English teacher.  My passions are poetry, food, travel, music and dance.  I’m so excited to meet and build with all of you in the next few weeks!

My first international travel experience happened back in January 2010 when I was 25!  Although, I’d always wanted to travel the world, my finances and responsibilities with my family made it difficult. Fortunately for me, I held onto my dream and took advantage of the opportunity when I was awarded a scholarship to study Arabic, culture, gender, class and politics in North Africa for 3 weeks.   I went to Morocco as a student- while I was beyond excited; I was also quite nervous. I lived with a host family and visited cities I never knew existed.  It was a life-changing experience…

I know this trip is going to be epic.  Since, I started traveling, I’ve visited several countries alone, with my two children and with students.  The last group trip I led was to Bogota, Colombia is 2011 with 15 teens!  Right now, I’m back in Morocco with my daughter Lailah (7) and my son Humza (10).  It’s their first time visiting Africa.  Both of them are having many of the same experiences that you will have with myself, Avi and your other fellow Glimpsers.

That’s all for now… 🙂IMG_6477