In November of this school year, as students first began to sign up for our trip to Guatemala, the bad news came that Global Student Embassy, an organization that I have traveled with since 2011, was going bankrupt and our trip was cancelled. Disappointed hardly describes the full range of my emotions at the time. But out of the ashes was born a new relationship with Global Glimpse and I must say that I am very excited about the change. These summer trips have been a highlight of my year so I was so glad that we were able to keep the trip alive this year. But rather than just salvage our trip, the more involved with our new partner, the more excited I become. Our weekly workshops will help us get the most out of our trip and has brought us together as a group even before we depart. The most rewarding experiences I have on these trips is working in and interacting with the community and our work this summer will afford us many genuine opportunities to learn from our peers. I am also excited to use those new perspectives learned on this trip and to tap into that positive energy on projects in our own community next year. ¡Vámonos!