katie-profileHello Bullldogs, Thunderbirds,  parents, and Brayan and Jessica!

My name is Katie Goddard (Ms Goddard for the students, please!) and I am SO excited to be joining you in Nicaragua in 10 days time! I’ve been making so many friends, coworkers, and family members jealous when they ask me what my summer plans are and I tell them about the GG experience – they all want to come too!

I currently teach 9th grade world history at Summit Public Schools: Rainier. I also have a mentor group of rising seniors at the school, and some of the O.G Mentees will be joining us on the trip. I’ve taught at Rainier for the past 2 years and am looking forward to continuing in the same roles there next fall.

Like Ms Kim, I hail from the east coast – I was raised in New York and went to college in Rhode Island before coming out to California to get my master’s degree at Stanford. Since I moved to CA, my family has mostly moved back to Europe, where my parents are originally from. My family is pretty spread out around the world, and even though I miss “people” a lot, I don’t miss “place.”  I’m really enjoying all of the hiking, friendly attitudes, farmers markets, and warm weather on the West Coast. One day my goal is to try to see if I can pass as a true “California girl!” – I think I’m getting pretty close!  🙂

Last summer was my first time travelling to South or Central America, and I absolutely fell in love. I enjoyed learning about all of the nuances in culture and history and had a great time hopping on city buses and exploring new places. Prior to that trip, I had done a lot of travelling in England, Europe, and Africa. One of my favorite things about travelling is being outside of my comfort zone and having to learn new customs and a new language. I am definitely hoping to practice my Spanish this summer (and am very thankful in advance for Ms Kim’s expertise!!).

I have always found that my experiences abroad have taught me the most about who I really am and what I believe about the world. I became a Global Glimpse leader because I want my students to have a chance to better understand themselves and their world, and I cannot wait to see them grow and transform before our eyes. Students, get ready – we are going to have an AMAZING an powerful experience.

Continuing the countdown: SFO in 10 days!!!! Brayan and Jessica, we can’t wait to meet you!