Um… I guess I tend to be a little shy when I first meet people and that enables me to babble on and on about things that might not be of too much importance…. I am a little odd in a sense that I prefer Broadway to a movie and am a huge fan of rock bands and pop bands and country music, all at the same time. I am also a selected few that listens to podcasts (they’re really descriptive!)

I became a global glimpser because… well, I tend to avoid people I don’t know… so I thought this would be a good chance to get to work with a whole bunch of people I don’t know (I like to work, btw. another weird thing about me) and get the chance to help people who need it, which is a plus!

I am personally looking forward to planting things and being up before the sun. Also in DR, you can see ALL the stars at night. I’m looking forward to lying down and looking up for at least an hour.

Anyways, that’s it for my introduction… I blog a lot, so I’m used to talking on the internet a lot…. yeah.

The picture below is me. I’ve been a pack of gum for three years now. XD