Hi Everyone!


I’m super excited about going on this trip tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll meet most of the parents tomorrow at the airport, but I hope that you are just as excited for the great journey we’re about to endure over the next three weeks!


I’m a 9th grade algebra teacher at small charter high school in Hayward, CA. I have a big problem with always wanting to do everything, so I’m literally not just a teacher. This year alone, I was the yearbook advisor, on the staff Equity Team (pushing for racial justice and analyzing the achievement gap), leading other 9th grade advisors in our advisory curriculum… and that’s just the leadership stuff! But the students are everything to me, and you’ll hopefully see that over the next few weeks.


I’m a returning GG Leader; I went on the Matagalpa trip last year and had one of the most amazing delegations in the world! So, students, you have some tough shoes to fill! 🙂


Parents – we will have students write blog posts every night so that you can see what we’re up to every day. There is also a lot of structured break time so that students will be able to go shopping and hang out in the internet cafes so they can check their facebook and call you guys. Have no fear! Jennifer and I will also have a phone in-country for emergencies only, and we will have every student call home once we land safely! So expect at least two calls throughout the trip 🙂


PLEASE PLEASE feel free to read and comment on each of our blog posts throughout our trip – we like to read all of the stuff that you guys are reading and writing! It makes us feel good too!


Questions? Let me know!