Hello Glimpsers on the most amazing trip ever!

I’m Denise, and really excited to meet all of you and hang out for three weeks in a country I’ve never been to! I’m also really excited for you to meet the Glimpsers that I’ve been working with at Impact Academy. You will soon see that we are an awesome bunch of people.

I’m originally from Los Angeles, but moved to the Bay Area after college. I love this place and will probably continue teaching here for a very long time. Although I’ve never been to Nicaragua before, I’ve traveled a little bit – Mexico, some islands in the Caribbean and Thailand. In Nicaragua, I plan on eating a lot.  You’ll soon see. I’m always hungry!

Some other things about me – I have a motorcycle (his name is Romeo), I teach Algebra (and absolutely LOVE it), I like to make a fool out of myself by lipsyncing and dancing in front of the whole school, and I don’t eat meat (which I may or may not break on our trip).

I look forward to meeting all of you!

Parents – I also welcome all questions you have! Email me – [email protected]



This is Denise