Hola todos!

Today was all about immigration between the Dominican Republic  and Haiti. We woke up around 6:30, ate breakfast and then left our hostel to visit the Haitian and Dominican border. Once we arrived at El Comendador, which was the border town between these 2 nations, we were separated into 2 different groups of 11 due to it being so crowded. Mondays and Fridays are market days for these two nations. They open the border on both sides and allow people to pass and go to sell their merchandise. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to the gate due to it being too crowded but we did get to see how everything happened and how the border is.


While in El Comendador, we were able to visit a museum and given a tour by our tour guides. Once finished with that we went to the market and that’s when things got really exciting. We had to stick really close and hold on to each other because of how crowded and loud the market was.  After all our tours we had lunch and got to meet the California Glimpsers! It was a fun experience to connect with them and see the differences from their experiences even though we are studying in the same city!

Back in San Juan, we quickly got ready for our last English tutoring. We were a bit off schedule but luckily our bus driver Jochi waited for us and gave us a ride to the high school which saved us timed. Many of us were having parties which made it an easy day. It was very fun and interesting to see them. We will miss all our students so much!

Later on in the night after our nightly meeting our program coordinators invited our student ambassadors to the hostel with a cake for Fransisco’s birthday! It ended up being a fun night as we had cake, pop and we were able to do some dancing!