Today we visited a Haitian community in Colonia Kennedy. It was really cool and eye opening to hear their stories about their migration to Constanza from Haiti. We baked some cookies for the families in the community as a thank you to them for allowing us to enter their homes and their lives and allowing us to learn about them, and them about us.

Afterwards we got to work on our CAP Project presentation. It was nice to see all the Glimpsers come together with the community of Barrio Las Flores with a common goal. We are really excited to have this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of a whole community and give back to the world. The four representatives were impressed with our presentation and project idea for fixing their alleyways. They are in heavy need of repair because the children play in those alleyways. The alleyways are filled with trash, have murky water, and are riddled with potholes that are unsafe for children and the community as a whole.

Being Lider del Dia was a learning experience for me. I’ve never been put in this position to lead a group of people. From the feedback I received, I did better than I expected to. I’m honestly looking forward to and seeking out a new chance to lead, and I feel I owe that to today and this trip.