Hello family and friends,

Today our topic was immigration. Early in the morning, we had a special guest, Juan Carlos, the filmmaker of the documentary Hasta la Raiz. The documentary emphasized dilemmas Dominicans of Haitian descent face. They have a hard time finding their nationality and their voice.

Later, we had two more guest speakers, John and Tania, both of whom shared their migration experiences. John is a Haitian immigrant now living in the D.R., and Tania was born in Nicaragua and is now visiting the D.R. We were able to listen to their stories and their perspectives on being an immigrant.

After lunch, we went to the park and took a group picture. The explore time that followed was the first time for exploring the city by ourselves! We then came to the hostel and had a seminar during which we wrote appreciation letters to people who made this trip possible. Afterwards, we had a bit of free time, ate dinner and, as ritual, our nightly meeting.