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We out here in the Dominican Republic living it up with the locals. Now we’re going to give a recap of our interesting day. Today we prepared to meet with the Haitian community from Colonial Kennedy. We spent our morning preparing snacks (guacamole, sandwiches, melon juice, fruit kebabs) and choreography (Footloose) in order to interact with the Haitian community. Thanks to Abby and Leilani, we were able to learn the choreography in under an hour!

After arriving at the community, we learned about their lives through questions about their families and work. For some of the community members that we questioned, they talked about working in the Dominican Republic in order to provide for their families back in Haiti. It was a great experience that allowed us to learn about the harsh realities regarding citizenship laws in the DR, especially those negatively impacting Haitian immigrants.

Afterwards we enjoyed some time out in the sun dancing and eating with the community. It was great to see the Haitian people opening up to us despite our differences and we all really enjoyed our time together. After spending time at Colonial Kennedy, we went back to the hotel and had a self reflection on our day with the community. Our program coordinators, Fabi and Silvi, facilitated a great discussion which encouraged us to have an open mind and to not settle on preconceived notions of people and their cultures. We finished the day with some free time followed by dinner.

Overall, we reflected on not only our own lives, but the lives of other people in different situations. The question of the day was: How can culture, politics, and history impact immigrants’ identities? Through our discussion, we came to the conclusion that history impacts present politics and culture, and that it’s important to remember not to judge based on the past, and rather focus on the present.

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