At six forty five Malique, Jonothan, and I woke everyone up to get ready for breakfast at seven forty five. After breakfast then us as the leaders led the group onto the bus to Batey. Once we arrived to Batey a speach was given by Ernesto to us on how Hatian immigrants that moved to DR or whose parents were immigrants were restricted from many opportunities such as schools, jobs, rights, etc. and maybe even deported. Then after that we were a little tired and drained from the heat and all the time sitting so we played an energizer to wake us up in a little fun way. Even the it was just asking questions about the DR and immigration we still found a way to incorporate or personal experiences and input into the question. After that we all split up into groups and interviewed several Batey locals. In my group we interviewed Ernesto and he explained to us how he moved to Texas to see how school was and he realized how the U.S. was not for him because the system and structure of the way to live was so strict and set for people. He described life as school, marriage, and then straight into a boring career for the rest of his life. And he felt he had way better opportunities to be free and pursue happiness in the DR.

To begin with we went to Batey Palavé and decided that to give the kids and everyone else in the community a whole park with many things that they will need to have fun. It was very fun presenting our ideas to improve the playground. We are going to build a slide, merry-go around, tether ball, and a swing set. We also are going to put in a better drainage system for the water and we made certain basketball courts and games like hopscotch, toc-tax-toe and the native version of parcheesi as well. We did a presentation on what we will be working on to help the CAP project (Community Action Project). Also, being leader of the day with my Eagle brothers was really fun. I think we did a great job but we could’ve worked together more to do certain things. But being leader was fun and I felt like the bigger person because I had 2 jobs in one day, I had to make sure everyone had water too. I believe I did a great job and I look forward to doing this again soon.

Kathleen and I had a successful lesson today! After a misunderstanding we were able to figure things out with our lesson and contribute to the language growth of our students. We gave them the words quite, rather and preferred, they provided a definition and used it in a sentence. They also paired up in groups to finish each other’s sentences while using the vocabulary words we gave them. To bring it together, we played a game of bingo in which the students enjoyed their time.