Question of the Day: What are the similarities and differences between immigration from Haiti to DR and immigration to US?

Our day included breakfast,academic seminar ( 3 sharing experiences of immigration),  visit the border and no man’s land of Haiti and Dominican  Republic at Elias Pina, visit the Binational Market, Lunch at Restaurante La Fuente Elias Pina with the team of RFJC, return to San Juan De La Manguala, group reflection on the bus, English tutoring, dinner at Comedor D’Ines, and nightly meeting.  Resources we used to understand the context of immigration include the following links:
Black in Latin America
Favianna Rodriguez Migration is Beautiful

Immigration from Haiti to Dominican Republic and immigration to the US have many similarities and differences. Immigrants to both countries often face racism and were treated differently from the natives. They often had to face mental and physical difficulties on their journal to the new countries. Though they face similar difficulties, each of the immigrants came to the new countries to look for different things and opportunities to pursue.

It was an amazing experience to witness and see the border with our own eyes where hundreds of  Haitians cross to the Dominican Republic every Monday and Friday. Though it was an emotional day witnessing what we saw and hearing the personal experience of a few people in the group about their immigration experience, the English Tutoring session brought us back to the cheerful spirit. Despite the thunder and heavy rain, the commitment of the whole group and the students overcame the weather and made the first day of English class a fun day and a memorial experience.

Photos to come soon!