Today we started our fun and action packed day at six. After getting ready for the day we had our breakfast at Buffet La Familiar. We had a breakfast that consisted of tortillas, queso, and cebolla. After thanking our hosts at the Buffet we headed home and had our global business seminar. During this time we learned about Nicaraguan agriculture, exports, and free trade agreements. Once we finished we changed into walking gear; which would be used at the farm of Aldea Globales. We had a wonderful tour and learned what is grown by local farmers and how they sell their crops. By maximizing their land use the farm is able to grow many different crops such as broccoli and parsley. One of the very important crops of Nicaragua that we saw were the coffee beans; they are a staple crop of the country and by selling this crop families make a living. Along with seeing tons of crops we also saw beautiful landscapes. After finishing the tour we thanked and presented our guide with a gift.

From the Aldea farm we headed to a warehouse where the CEO of Aldea Globales gave a tour where crops are sent to be washed, packaged and stored until consumers need them. Next, we took our bus to the Central Park where we met the mother and the owner of the farm we visited. We found her selling her own grown crops so that she wouldn’t have to ask her sons for money. After meeting her we went to eat our very delicious lunch. Which was fried chicken with a side of french fries, rice and for our vegetarian friends alfredo pasta. After our meal we went home and discussed our behavior. The talk was a wakeup talk for all of us. Some of us decided to step down so that others could step up.

IMG_2925 I felt motivated to be more supporting to others who usually don’t step up. After the pep talk we went to Café Soppexcca to pick us up. At the café we had the privilege of taking a tour through the shop and learning about the chocolate making process. One of the very friendly baristas gave us a demonstration of how they rate coffee based on the fragrance, sensation, after taste, body (acidity), and quality. After the demonstration our very wonderful Global Glimpse leader bought us all chocolate frapps. The frapps all calmed us down and we ended our nightly meeting with our new leader of the day.


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