Hello Everyone,

Today was the first day a student had the opportunity to be the leader of the day. I was given the honor to be the first student in Global Gimpse to be the leader of the day. Today we got the once in a life time chance to see the indigenous people who live in Ecuador. Looking from the top of the mountain, I felt powerful. Everything seemed so small and the view of higher mountains in the distance was phenomenal. You can see the snow on top of certain moutains in the distance from where we were. At over 10,000 feet, today was the highest altitude we’ve experienced so far. Everyone definately felt the cold winds and hot beaming sun while touring around the sacred grounds.



I personally got to see and experience how the Puruha people (the indigenous people we met today) cleanse bad energy. It was surely an unforgetable moment mainly because the shaman (the man performing the cleansing) had to spit some sort of liquid on us. Not only that, he took an egg and rubbed it around my body; then he cracked the egg into a glass of water. He also brushed me with branches that he blessed with a special oil. After the cleanse we had a tour of the area. During the tour some students had the opportunity to pick up some guinea pigs from a hole. In Ecuador the guinea pig is part of a dish they eat called cuy.


After coming back from the indigenous trip dancers came and taught us how to dance traditional dances from Ecuador. It was very exhausting to do. Trying to keep up with the dance cordinator was difficult. She moved her left foot back while most of us did the exact opposite. In the end, we had a blast from the dances they had taught us, even though we didn’t master them. The dances strengthened the bond that keeps growing every single day between the students.


Before I end this blog I would like to shout out my mom. I love you and miss you. Daniel Jimenez asked me to shout him out to his mom; so if you’re reading this, just know that he loves you and misses you also. The same goes to everyone else’s parents. Don’t worry parents: we are doing great and we will call you on Friday. Now it is the end of my reign as leader of the day. It was an awesome day and hope for more to come.  Adios and good night.


Randy Morales