Hello Glimpser family & friends,

Today, we started off as usual with breakfast from our main food provider Isabel (& Nelson)! After breakfast, we had a seminar about Indigenous Worldview to prepare us for our visit to Cacha Pucara Tambo in the afternoon. After the seminar, we got dressed in our best business casual attire and got ready for one of the most important parts of our GGL experience: our Community Action Project (CAP) presentation. We got to present our plan and budget to Mauricio, the director of the Granja Carlos Garbay school. Each Glimpser had the chance to speak during the presentation and ALL students did their part in Spanish! After comments and feedback from Mauricio, our project was approved and we were able to begin planning the purchase of our materials from our vendor. After this success, the team hopped onto the bus and made its way to Cacha Pucara Tambo. This is a tourist center where the local indigenous population host tourists. We learned about all the different medicinal plants they use like Rosemary and Oregano. We learned about their history of activism and the fight for indigenous rights! They also told us how they used to flirt. Our spirits were then cleansed in a ceremony around the indigenous cross, and we had a Pambamesa, a type of communal lunch. In a Pambamesa, they place the food on a table where it’s grabbed with and eaten by hand. Some of us even got to eat Guinea Pig (some of ours still had some fur)! Finally, we ate dinner with our food provider, returned to hotel, and winded down for the night.

We cannot wait to tell you all about our free day tomorrow!