Hello!!!! Today we had a very big change of plans due to the weather, and our adventure to the waterfall got delayed to Saturday. Although it originally dampened our moods, we found a way to make the best out of this unfortunate occurrence. The day started with us eating a breakfast of pancakes and fruit. As the rain got heavier and heavier, we, thought the bike to the waterfall would only be delayed half an hour, but when we tried to wait out the rain it only got heavier. As the Leaders of the Day, we had to find a way to keep everyone’s spirits up and have an enjoyable morning. Eventually, everyone seemingly forgot about the hike to the waterfall as we all turned to learning/playing new card games. Somehow, the 5 hours felt like 5 minutes. After the never-ending card games, we had a delicious lunch, pork chops!!! Once everyone ate, we waited half an hour to pack up and leave to visit the town of Turrialba. The voyage down was a 30-minute bus drive, where the weather seemed to be gloomy and a tad bit cold. Once we arrived in Turrialba, we stopped at the centennial park and took pictures. After this, we walked around the town and went into a few local businesses where everyone could buy something if they wanted to. Throughout the visit, we had an unexpected visit from the heat. Once we arrived back at the base house, we were able to get into the pool where we played volleyball and Marco-polo. Before dinner, we were given the opportunity to call home; this was something everyone was anticipating and very excited for, we miss you all so very much!!!!!
Till next time!!
With much love,
Armando and Brianna