Hi parents, family, and friends!

I’m sure that you are all anxiously awaiting your student update for the day, but unfortunately Lauren and I had to call an audible on the update for tonight. We are all waking up at 4:30am tomorrow for the reality challenge of working like a local, which means a morning of had labor on a fair trade organic farm, and as much as you all want your updates, we really don’t want 19 pseudo-farmers falling asleep in the fields or on the livestock, so bedtime has already arrived. Our student leaders for the day, Aileen and Tristan, can’t wait to give you all the details on today’s global business fun (which included a trip to a chocolate factory and a coffee and conversation with a man who works with cooperatives of coffee farmers), so expect a full report tomorrow afternoon!

Hope everything is going well back in the states, and we can’t stress enough how much students love to hear from you in the comments!