Hi all! I’m Janice Song, and I’m currently attending Mills High School. I am beyond excited for this trip, I can’t believe it’s happening so soon! I’ve gone on mission trips to Mexico with my church many times, and I’ve always loved traveling and learning about new cultures, so when I heard several seniors talk about Global Glimpse, I jumped at the opportunity for this experience.  It’ll be great to step out of my comfort zone in a new country and help out in Leon, without parents or Snapchat.

A little about ME: I have two crazy younger brothers I’ve always had to keep in line, and a fluffball of a dog(Cocoa Puff). Sometimes I initially come off as very quiet, but I promise with a little time I won’t be. I love playing instruments, listening to music, reading, running, and sleeping. I’ve been playing violin since fourth grade, and also recently picked up guitar to become my church Youth Group’s praise team leader. I am also part of my Youth Group’s leadership team, which always teaches me to be a better person for others. I also enjoy volunteering at the local SPCA, where I can work with many different animals.

At school, I am involved in clubs like CSF, GATE, and the “Biologees” Club. These clubs have given me the chance to take on different leadership positions, while allowing me to explore subjects and activities I personally enjoy. Also, despite the feeling of death during certain races, I’ve been part of my school’s varsity cross country team for three years now, and always loved it.  I’m always involved in all things ~music~. This year, I had the honor of being Concert Master for our school orchestra, and I’m also first violin in a quartet that’s been together since middle school. Being in leading positions music groups have taught me a delicate balance of listening to my group and guiding where needed.

I’m really grateful for the chance to be able to go to Nicaragua and not only eat great food and see a beautiful culture, but also to be able to help the local community. Though I’m not looking forward to the bugs and mosquito bites, I can’t wait to meet everyone and create my own amazing memories!! 🙂

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