Name: Jonathan Hernandez

DOB: July 6, 1998

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Race: Latino

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

City & State: Brooklyn, NY

School: Eagle Academy for Young Men at Oceanhill

Grade: 11th

Classes: AP US History, Pre-Calculus, Spanish IV, Music, Pre-AP Literature, AP Physics

Current Average: 90.72%

SAT Score: I forgot

Future Occupation: Music Producer, Record Label Owner

Interests: Music, Business

Hobbies: Writing songs, Running

Favorite Foods: Mac’n Cheese, Cheese Burger

Favorite Beverage: Water


Favorite Games: Minecraft, League of Legends

Favorite Music Authors: Linkin Park, Fall Out Boys, Maroon 5, R5, Green Day

Favorite TV shows: Family Guy, American Dad, Boy Meets World,

Favorite Anime: NONE

Favorite Subject: History

Favorite Sports: Archery, Soccer

Good Qualities: I am very friendly and Loyal

Bad Qualities: You decide that