Hi everyone! I’m Raquel Calara and I attend Pittsburg High School.

As a young girl, I grew up with my parents recounting their experiences in the Philippines. They have endured poverty and as an inevitable result, they had a lack of access to resources, including education. Due to their rough background and experiences, my parents have always stressed the idea of helping those in need upon me. Their morals/beliefs are embodied in me today and I now have an uncontrollable passion to take every opportunity I can to help people out. I often volunteer at my local soup kitchen, Loaves & Fishes, and tutor elementary and middle school students through the STS Academy program. I know that helping people in need, little or big, can make a difference, but I have always wanted to do more than just help within my community. I wanted to extend my hand out to the world. When I was nominated for Global Glimpse, I started the application process in a heart beat. After two highly caffeinated days, I received my acceptance email and I cried tears of joy. My dream to study abroad finally became tangible.

I am beyond excited to experience the culture in Nicaragua and work with everyone in all the activities we do throughout our trip.

Can’t wait to meet you guys in person! See you soon! 🙂