Hi trip participants, family and friends! 
My name is Roxane and I am one of the trip leaders for our upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic! I have already spoken with half of you (if you’re a participant!) over the phone and I look forward to meeting all of you in person this Thursday at SFO at 7:30pm.
In case you didn’t read the group email we sent out a couple weeks ago here is a little bio about me, followed by one from our other group leader, Junie Moon.
A little bit about me: This past school year I have been working with 6th graders in Oakland. I am currently a graduate student at University of California, Berkeley working on my masters degree in education as well as my teaching credential in Biology. I’m not sure yet if I want to teach high school or middle school, I like both!
Things I like to spend my time doing are reading, learning about nature, especially bugs and plants, and doing crafts like sewing and knitting. To stay active I like to run and swim and I LOVE hiking. I speak Spanish and I have been to South America many times but this will be my first time in the Dominican Republic.
A message from Junie Moon: Hola a mi gente! We’re going to the Dominican Republic together on the evening of June 7th. So soon! I look forward to helping you have an amazing adventure, keeping you safe and healthy while you see some very new places during this unique experience. Start thinking through your day pack, a good water bottle? What might you need? A pen? a soft washcloth? Some tissue packets? Anti-itch cream? Chapstick! Have any questions? I’m here for you.